Once Upon A Time In The West - Sheet Music & Tabs

Theme from Once Upon A Time In The West. The download includes 3 parts: Score only, Tabs only and Score & Tabs on same page. Difficulty: 3
8.10 (NZD)


Godfather - Sheet Music & Tabs

Speak Softly Love. Includes an easier version without tremolo (Difficulty 2) and the version I play on Youtube (Difficulty 4) both in Notation & Tabs.
8.10 (NZD)

Cavatina (from "The Deer Hunter") Sheet Music

Notation only. The version I used in the video. Free Download. Difficulty: 4
0.00 (NZD)

Hallelujah - Sheet Music & Tabs

For Solo Guitar. The download includes 4 parts: Score (Notation) only, Tabs only, Score & Tabs on same pages and Chord Symbols only (for singing) (Difficulty 1-4)
8.10 (NZD)