21 Theme from "The Godfather" (alac)

(Nino Rota) Classical Guitar. Hi Resolution 24bit 48khz Apple Lossless (ALAC) Format, made directly from the studio master. Plays in iTunes.

21 Theme from "The Godfather" (flac)

Nino Rota FLAC Format made directly from the 24bit 48khz studio master. Simply pull into your favorite FLAC player. These files DO NOT play in iTunes.

21 Theme from "The Godfather" (mp3)

(Nino Rota) 320kbps MP3 - Will play anywhere

Godfather - Sheet Music & Tabs

Speak Softly Love. Includes an easier version without tremolo (Difficulty 2) and the version I play on Youtube (Difficulty 4) both in Notation & Tabs.