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Ink19 - All About Jazz on - Whisperin & Hollerin



"It wasn't the notes that gave the flair to Michael Marc's performance, but rather his passion and sensitivity."

Gail Edwards - Music Critic for the Pacifica Tribune



"A stunning fusion of Acoustic, New Age, Jazz and Spanish classical guitar wizardry... Marc's classical and Flamenco guitar techniques are dazzling and totally engaging."

20th Century Guitar Magazine



"Dazzling, played with volcanic passion! Every piece is a jewel."

Shirley Stoller - Manager Tower Records S.F.



"On LAVA Michael Marc shines with songs that are played with passion and finesse. His melodies linger long after the last song is finished - What a concept..."

Michael Moryc - Matrix Promotions



"The audience went hot for it. Every time we played it the switchboard erupted like a volcano."

Richard Gainey - WONB



*****This is Guitar at it's BEST!

"Simply put, this is the CD that I play the most, I never tire of it! I gave this CD to all my friends, relatives and business associates and received tremendous feedback. It is amazing that these songs illicit so much, they are mellow yet energizing, seductive and passionate and yet still very suitable to give as a gift to your child's teacher or a business colleague!"

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- average rating 5 stars (out of 5)


***** Michael Marc Rips!

"Whether you like jazz, rock and roll or are just a fan of great instrumental guitar music, Lava is for you. Z plays flawlessly, beautifully, with deep emotion, a unique style, and he just plain rips on this album. You won't get tired of listening to this; in that way it's like Satriani's "Surfing with the Alien" or Steve Howe's "Turbulence." You can play this one as background while you work or as foreground while you play. It's just great instrumental guitar music."


***** "Michael is a very extraordinary artist, playing great music, and wonderfully engineered. I've turned people onto this disc who don't normally listen to soft jazz, and they love it. It doesn't get much better than this!!"


***** A good, kick back and listen

"I picked up this one because of the cover, the guitar burning in lava, it fits the CD, this one smokes...It reminds me a little of Ottmar Liebert's early work, not so technosized (is that a word?), pure guitar. This is a put in and listen, read a good book, have it in the background. It's more mellow than, say, Oscar Lopez's Heat. This CD has a fequent listeners spot in my collection. I'm looking forward to Marc's next CD."

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- average rating 5 stars (out of 5)


***** "This is a collection of some of the 'coolest' acoustic guitar ever! It is relaxing, romantic, soul-reaching sound. It floats in your head like good chocolate."

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- average rating 5 stars (out of 5)